Please make a decision

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Make a decision today

If you’re like most people then reading this subject line was a little uncomfortable and you may have even experienced a bit of anxiety. 

Make a decision? Do I have to? 

We are forced to make decisions every day, but that doesn’t make it any easier.

When you stop to think about it, your life is the sum total of all the decisions that you’ve ever made up to this point. Your health, your mindset, your finances are all an outcome of the decisions you’ve made. 

Some decisions are so small that they seem insignificant… 

…and other decisions weigh on you for days because you know that the outcome will change the course of your life.

You’ll wade through a myriad of trivial decisions today – ranging from the flavor of your coffee, to the gas you put into your car, to the food you put into your body. It’s easy to be fooled into believing that these have no real impact on the big picture – – but they do. 

You’ll shift over to automatic while making your habitual decisions today – these ones no longer require a second thought since your preferences are defaulted. 

The time you wake up each morning, the way you take your eggs, the frequency in which you exercise. Your habitual decisions play a huge part in determining major factors in your life, and these ones aren’t always easy to modify once the habit is in place.

We’re always making decisions… 

Big ones like “should you marry him/her”, “should you have another child”, “Should you stick it out another year at that job”?  Life changing decisions are forks in the road that demand your full attention and analysis.

There’s a famous quote from General Norman Schwartzkopf: “A bad decision is better than no decision” which makes sense when you realize that indecision is a decision. It’s best to simply bite the bullet, choose a side, and stick with it (unless you realize you made the wrong decision lol).

You make a life changing decision when you chose to get fit.

I want to help you with that… 

I want to help you reach your goal in a big way. 

And the fastest way I know for reaching a fitness goal is to begin a challenging and consistent exercise program, like the ones that I offer to my clients. 

And that leads us to the decision that I want you to make today… 

Will you reply to this email, call, or come in to sign up for my life-changing fitness program?

You need to make the decision today – decide now!

Fitness Programs

January 15, 2020 by  

Personal Training for Weight Loss & Muscle Toning By far our most popular program if your goal is to lose weight and tone and firm up.  Over 100+ written and video testimonials is proof enough. This program is a combination of weight training, cardiovascular exercise to lose body fat fast, increase body tone, improve endurance all at the same time.

Buddy or Couple Training  Very popular. Train together or at different times. Studies prove that working out with others increase results. An exercise buddy may be exactly what you need to get back on track. Perfect for couples or friends who like working out together.

Strength Training An intensive resistance training program to increase muscle mass and strength gains to develop the muscular size.

Aerobics/Group Fitness Studio
Amy Zulkoski, a licensed fitness instructor cordinates our aerobic/group fitness classes. Our group fitness studio inside or our personal training studio. We offer BOOTCAMP, BODYPUMP, CXWORX, STEP, BODY SCULPTING, CORE/STRETCH, TABATA INTERVAL TRAINING.

On-Line Training and Fitness Coaching
This program has been ever so popular as I coordinate on-line training programs for those not close to our studio. Includes a fitness assessment, exercise prescription, unlimited email, phone calls, and video instruction.  Assessments are followed up monthly.  Call 813-571-3700 or email today for inquiry.

Sport Specific Training (ages 12-18)
Athletes interested in increasing power, strength, speed, and endurance to improve performance in a their specific sport. A great way to improve athletic ability to play at your best in sports and for life.

28 Day Rapid Fat Flush Bootcamp
(New challenge starts January 27, 2020) This program is about my super fast weight loss program for large groups. It’s called the 28 Day Rapid Fat Flush Bootcamp Challenge for good reason. It’s pretty amazing really… You workout with us 3-5 days a week for 28 days and you will look and feel great! Click here for details


Gift Certificates (Great Gift Idea)
Can be bought for any monthly program or purchased in any dollar amount to be applied to any program.

RobZFitness Cycling Club
RobZFitness organizes several rides a week, catering to a variety of levels and including a range of distances. We have special rides of longer distances during the course of the bike season and hold social events at various times of the year. Organized leave times during the week are at 10:00am on Tuesday and Thursday morning and Saturday at 9:00am. Our club provides a great way to meet other bicyclists in our area and to learn from their experience. Interested in joining email Rob at


(813) 571-3700

Call today to get started!





28 Day Fat Flush Bootcamp

January 15, 2020 by  

New Challenge starts

Monday, Jan 27 – Feb 22

Lose 8-12+ pounds in 28 Days by joining our New 2020 Rapid Fat Flush Bootcamp Challenge #1 and start to transform your body for a lifetime.

You can guarantee to burn calories and lots of them…

You can now lock in your spot right now.

This training program is fast paced, strength and interval training style. Each participant is motivated in the outdoor and indoor environment to excel beyond current levels of fitness.

It’s proven results that brings everything together AND allows each person to be challenged beyond their fitness level and creates faster RESULTS!

And I know your want FAST RESULTS right?

Sign up now (below) before you forget.  Spots will fill up quickly!

Our two classes will start at 5:45am (Bootcamp), and 7:00pm (Bootcamp). I must also tell you that you should sign up right away after reading this to guarantee your spot.

It’s pretty amazing really… [Read more]

Gift of Health

December 18, 2019 by  

Make it a December to Remember


Is there a family member, a friend, or even you that you would like to help get started with their fitness program? There is no better gift than good health, and no better time to start than after the holidays. 

You can purchase any of these RobZFitness gift certificates online safely and securely with your credit card by using Paypal, the leader in online credit card payments.

Gift certificates can be applied towards any of our 15 personal training packages.

For NEW MEMBERS ONLY get one free training session with every month purchased.

After making your purchase online, you will receive a receipt and your gift certificate to print off.

When you give someone the gift of fitness, you are helping your friend or loved one better health both physically and mentally. 

(Give the Gift of Health)





Buy Gift of Health

Nevada Smith

October 13, 2019 by  

One Month Testimonial

Click Picture Above to View His Video Testimonial

Nevada lost 21.5lbs of scale weight during his first month of training at RobZFitness. He also lost an amazing 6.4% body fat from 37.0% to 30.6%. Weighing 314.5 pounds on his first day he is now down to 293.0 pounds. He lost 1.75″ in his upper body, down 2.18″ in his hips, down 2.18″ in his waistline, and down 1.25″ in his thighs. Nevada’s body fat ranking for men at his age also improved from 2% to 9%. He is projected to be in better shape than 32% of men next month and should reach 51% by the end of his initial 90 day commitment. Nevada initailly committed to training with us is for one year. It’s really going to be fun to track his progress. If you’re interested in seeing results just like Nevada you need to join us at RobZFitness. Call us at (813) 571-3700 or drop us an email at to begin your quest to lose weight and get back into shape.

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