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The purpose of our fitness evaluation is to find out everything about your goals/expectations and to evaluate your initial fitness level from day one. This evaluation is required prior to starting any fitness program or discussing any membership rates. (45-60 minutes)


Client Screening

We will determine your level of health-related fitness components prior to you beginning your training program.

– Review goals

– Review expectations

– Discuss past workout history

– Review health history and cardiac risk profile

– Complete informed consent




Client Assessments

Performed at the beginning of your training program to establish your initial fitness level and to help find how much improvement is made on a month to month basis. Your body fat and tape measurements are taken once a month.

– Heart rate and blood pressure readings

– Body composition (Lange skin-fold caliper) and girth measurements

– Muscular and cardiovascular tests

– Flexibility test

– Review fitness evaluation results


2nd Visit and Beyond…

We pride ourselves that every workout will be monitored by a personal training professional who has at least a 4 year degree in exercise science/wellness. 95% of all trainers out there DO NOT have a 4 year fitness degree. Most of them have a 3 day weekend certification. BE AWARE!!!

We expect you to arrive 10-15 minutes early to weigh-in, warm-up and properly stretch prior to every workout. Workouts will not begin until after you warm-up and stretch.

– Reviewing proper form

– Counseling and program orientation and progression

– Keeping you accountable towards reaching your goals

– Constantly motivating you

– Pushing your fitness levels

– Achieving results

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