Veronica Perkins

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Size 8 to 2, Lost 30 lbs, 16.5% Body Fat, 5.5” in Waist

I was very active growing up.  Out of all my siblings (there are 5 of us), I was known as the “athletic” one.  I ran track, cross country, played volleyball, and was a cheerleader.  In high school, even though my parents owned a bakery and I ate whatever I wanted, being so active, I could stay in pretty good shape.  Off to college I went, and like most, I gained the “freshman fifteen” …but no worries, I started to run and watched what I ate a little and the weight came right off.  Of course, I was always warned, “Wait until your 30’s, your body will change and it won’t be as easy.”  But I was like, “ I got this.”  So 30 came along and I had my son.   Losing the baby weight wasn’t too bad but I could still not get back to pre-baby, pre-30 weight.   I got to a point where I thought, “well,  this is as good as it’s going to get.”  Then over the last couple years, after having my gall bladder removed, things really changed.  I was gaining weight while I had made no changes so I started to panic.  I really took on running seriously and thought that was going to be the answer.  That didn’t really work and so I thought if I coupled that with Weight Watchers, for sure, I would be golden!  However, for all the effort that I was putting into it, I wasn’t getting nearly the results that I wanted or knew I could achieve.  I was very frustrated that I could not do this on my own.  For those that know me, that is a very hard pill for me to swallow.  I am not one that likes to ask for help.  I quickly realized that the rules of the game had changed and I had no idea how to play anymore.  I needed help, hence my call to Rob at RobZFitness.  That was one of the best decisions of my life!

My experience at RobZFitness has been an amazing one.  I started at 153.5 pounds and a size 8.  After 3 months, I am down 16.5% body fat and now down to a weight of 123.5 and a size 2.  I am not only stronger physically but most important, emotionally…just ask my husband Chuck  Oh, and it doesn’t hurt that I have my high school reunion this year.  The knowledge and support offered by Rob and his staff is priceless.  I had the pleasure of having sessions with Rob (Master at his craft), Sam (Don’t let that sweet face fool you), and Taylor (Trainiac extraordinaire).  All of which are truly in the right line of business.  However, I mainly trained with Taylor and I owe a lot of my success to him.  He knows what he is doing, makes the training experience so much fun and truly takes the “personal” in personal training seriously.  But most of all, I love that from day 1, I never felt like he was training me like a “girl”.  I wanted to be pushed beyond my limits and that is exactly what I received there.

So my advice is don’t wait to call RobZ as a last resort…why waste any more time?  And to all those that think your body can never be the same as it was when you were younger, you are absolutely right….it can be better!!  I have not only been “Taylor Made” but I am now a “Zeliever” as well!

Veronica Perkins


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