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“Waistband would roll over”  


“It’s been three months since I started with Rob Zulkoski with RobZFitness and I can tell you that the results that Rob has promised me are very evident.  There was a time when I umpired and coached Little League Baseball, and the coach’s shorts that I had fit just fine.  Then over the next few years after getting out of Little League, they no longer fit.  The waist band would roll over and were very tight around my waist.  Three months later after working with Rob they fit again (in fact they fit too well) and now I have to wear a belt with them.  I have gone from wearing a XXL shirt to an XL, and from a 44” pants in the waist to a 40” pants in the waist. Total to date I have lost 41 pounds, 4 ¼ inches off my waist, and 8.9% body fat.”

I was like so many other people, who would make a New Year resolution to lose weight and get back in shape, but then I would never follow up with my resolution.  My wife would tell all the time that I was out of shape, but I reminded her that round is a shape. Then I got a wakeup call from my doctor, which is when I really got serious.  I also looked at both of my children; I knew that I had to do something so I would be around as they got older.  Sure I could have joined a fitness center, or done more exercises, but with Rob’s guidance and knowledge I achieved the results that were needed naturally.”

There was a time during the training with Rob that I was ready to give up, I saw no weight loss that week, and I was unable to do the same workout routine that I had been doing. Rob came to me and gave words of encouragement, and said do not give up, it will work. Since that time I have worked even harder to get to my goal, which is to lose at least 35 more pounds, before the holiday season.”

“In fact, I believe in what Rob has done for me so much, that I have now encouraged other people to train with Rob and I on the same nights. Other people have seen the weight loss that I have achieved, and wanted to know how I did it. I just told them to “call Rob with RobZFitness”The bottom line is “if you do what Rob says, it will work”My goal now is to lose at least 35 more pounds, before the holiday season.”  For more information about Zulkoski or RobZFitness, call Rob at 571-3700 or visit


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