The Big Announcement

June 11, 2012 by  

In case you missed it announced on my RobZFitness FB fanpage.  I wanted to thank you for being patient with me as details about the BIG NEWS had to be delayed a couple of weeks as negotiations took longer than anticipated.

This idea has been something my wife and I have been thinking about for some time.
First of all, I have been looking for ways that my current and past clients can stay involved at RobZFitness. I wanted to give my current clients a place to do their cardiovascular activity on their off days without sending them back to their orginal health club and I wanted to help past clients maintain thier fitness activity and to be able to still stay connected to RobZFitness.

Secondly, my wife Amy has been involved in fitness and aerobics even before I met her 21 years ago. In fact back in 1991 I started taking her aerobic class just so I could get the chance to know her better and for her to get to know me (he,he), it worked. We were married two years later.

Amy has been teaching aerobics for over 24 years while maintaining a full time job in the HIllsbourgh County School system mostly at Boyette Springs and FishHawk Creek Elementry Schools

With both of our life passions of helping others achieve higher fitness goals we are proud to announce our BIG NEWS.

Officially on June 1st, we have fully committed and have leased another 3,200 square ft of space to expand

RobZFitness with the addition of opening up a group fitness/aerobic studio located in the same shopping center just a few store fronts down in the Lithia Crossing Shopping Center. This location is where Hut 8 used to be.During the past month, Amy has been teaching aerobic classes in my personal training studio with her own class following but, I could not announce it to the public because we just didn’t have room for any more bodies in these aerobic classes.We will have a group fitness/aerobic schedule to announce shorlty. Please stay tuned for updates and class schedules.

Classes will officially begin July 2nd but a soft open will be under way during the later parts of June.

For more information please feel free to call me at (813) 571-3700 or email me at about any questions you may have.




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