Tara and Larry Radtke

July 17, 2008 by  

“Tired Of Having No Energy”

Just like a lot of couples that after being married we never were concerned by our weight and health. We were tired of having no energy and clothes that were fitting tighter and tighter. My low back pain and Larry’s high blood pressure were a couple of deciding factors that we had actively do something now before it was too late.

We first met Rob for our initial consultation and it was an eye opener. My weight was 167 lbs. with 30.9% body fat and Larry’s weight was 217 lbs. with 29.3%. Rob was incredibly helpful in explaining our present condition and designing our training regimen and eating healthier to put us on a new path of a healthier lifestyle. Rob assigned us to our trainer Taylor Green from the beginning. If it wasn’t for Rob’s help and training with Taylor, we would not have succeeded the way we did. Taylor and his perseverance in making sure we kept to the exercise plan and doing it correctly is how we knew we were in good hands. Taylor and Rob answered any questions we had, whether it was about low back pain, fatigue, and they made sure that what we ate was right or wrong.

After three months at RobZFitness we have both had a significant weight loss and we feel so much better having an active and healthy lifestyle. My weight is now down to 146 lbs and at 21% body fat. and Larry’s weight is now 178 lbs and 14% body fat. With the knowledge and skill Taylor possesses he also provided us a training regime that we can continue to do on our own 2-3 times a week.

Thank you from the bottom of our healthy hearts for starting us on a journey to a long and healthy lifestyle together.

Tara and Larry Radtke


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