Sharon Michael

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This is Sharon Michael who we have been tracking her monthly progress from the beginning and it is amazing to see her progress during these past three months. Sharon has lost 24 lbs of body fat, dropped her body fat ranking from 32.5% to 17.7% and has improved her female body fat percentage ranking from 17% to 92% and has lost many inches along the way. Click on all three of her videos as we have documented her progress since the beginning of her time training at RobZFitness.

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Sharon Michael has been training at RobZFitness for the past 2 months and has lost 20 pounds of scale weight and lost 12.5% body fat during this time. Overall her body fat ranking for females at her age increased from 24% to 86%.

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Sharon Michael has been training at RobZFitness for the past one month and has seen dramatic results that are hard to achieve this early. She has lost 13 pounds of actual body fat and increased her lean muscle mass by 7 pounds resulting in 6 pounds lost of scale weigh. We know that scale weight is not a great indication of actual body fat loss, body composition is. Sharon’s effort dropped her body fat percentage ranking by 7.5% and increased her female gender ranking from 17% to 66%. Sharon’s hard efforts are really paying off. She has trained on her own for years without much improvement and now by restructuring her workout routine and nutrition she has seen great results very early training at our faciliey. Congratulations Sharon! We will see you back in another month.


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