Sexy Summer Slimdown

July 9, 2017 by  

New Sexy Summer Slimdown Starts

(May 14 – June 9)

Lose up to 10+ pounds in 28 Days by joining our Sexy Summer Slimdown Challenge #1 at RobZFitness (new location) and start to transform your body for a lifetime.

You can guarantee to burn calories and lots of them…

This training program is fast paced, strength and interval training style. Each participant is motivated in the outdoor and indoor environment to excel beyond current levels of fitness.

It’s proven results that brings everything together AND allows each person to be challenged beyond their fitness level and creates faster RESULTS!

And I know your want FAST RESULTS right?

Sign up now (below) before you forget. Spots will fill up quickly!

Our three classes will start at 5:45am, 8:30am, and 7:00pm. I must also tell you that you should sign up right away after reading this to guarantee your spot.


Reserve you spot today!

Sign-up Now (May 14 – June 9)


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    Sexy Summer Slimdown : RobZFitness – Personal Fitness Training Studio

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