Ruben Saucedo

October 24, 2016 by  

Lost 15lbs, lowered Blood Pressure in 1st Month

Give it up for Ruben this morning as he has lost 15lbs of body fat after his first month of training at RobZFitness. More importantly after telling me when he signed up he was about to go on blood pressure medicine with a BP reading of 142/94 now it’s down to 124/84 after his wife, who is a nurse, recently took his reading. Ruben has also lost 1″ around his chest, 3″ around his waist, 1″ around his thigh and he improved his body composition from 5% to 24% for men in their 40’s. I’m so proud of his quick changes so far especially since he arrives at 5:00am to get this done. There are no excuses when you dedicate yourself to making changes happen.

Call me or text me at (813) 610-9933 right now if you want results like Ruben. Don’t wait, do it right now. Commit yourself to a new you. You owe it to yourself to turn your life around.


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