Ron Sumner

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“All I wanted to do was sleep”

“As I entered the year that is mostly associated with (OLD AGE 60), I was not of good health either mentally or physically. My blood pressure was substantially above acceptable levels and many of my blood measurements were in the unacceptable range. I had been able to dodge the major illnesses but my body was beginning to break down. My knees ached all of the time and my thoughts were that surely I would need a transplant just to remain mobile. My thoughts focused on the advertisement for the (HOVERROUND). God forbid!!!!! At that time I weighed 228 pounds, and all I wanted to do was sleep.”

“We attend the church that one of Rob’s students attend and had seen the extremely positive results that he had achieved and decided to give Rob a try. I would like to say that the process has been easy and effortless but that would not be true. I have been under Rob’s direction for roughly four months and have been very pleased with the results. My lowest weight achieved to this date is 189 pounds and I continue to lose even more. My body fat percentage has dropped from 35.5% to 23.6%.  My blood pressure and blood measurements are now in the normal ranges again and my knees don’t hurt at all. My energy level is much better and as I enter my later years I feel ready for whatever is around the corner.  The bonus to all of the work is the formula that has been given to me for fitness and good health for the rest of my life. Rob’s system works!!!” For more information about Zulkoski or RobZFitness, call Rob at 571-3700 or visit

Ron Sumner


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