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“Lost 52 lbs, 12.5% Body Fat, 5 inches Waist”

Four months ago, I sat in my dorm room cramming for finals. I was reviewing notes, practicing problems, and eating some pizza in the meantime. It was when I looked at the reflection in my computer screen I noticed the real issue. My face – stuffed cheeks, greasy lips, and a second chin beneath it – was horrific. I was not happy with what I saw. The person looking back at me was not the person I see in my mind. I thought of myself as a smart person with strong goals and a happy life. I saw someone who couldn’t control bad habits and constantly ignored signs of poor health and inactivity. I did not go to college to gain weight, lose focus, and become a diabetic; I concentrated too much on my studies that I lost sight of some of the true priorities in life. Unable to continue with the matter, I shut off the computer screen, threw away the rest of the pizza, and resumed studying. I knew this issue needed to be addressed in the near future.

In the midst of finals week, I sat in one of my favorite restaurants eating one of my favorite meals: smoked cheeseburger with fresh cut fries. Looking for something to read, I picked up an Osprey Observer at the counter and glanced through the articles. I came upon a testimonial from a client from RobZFitness who lost a 100 pounds. I was astonished. I thought those kind of numbers are for Biggest Loser contestants or gastric bypass patients. Once again gorged with burger grease and oily hands, I said enough is enough. How can I, an eighteen-year-old kid with many years ahead of me, sit around while other people are doing something about their lives? I kept the article, returned home, and decided to give it a shot and make the call.

That night, I spoke to Rob Zulkoski. I told him who I was and where I wanted to be. I was a USF freshman severely overweight. I would be committed to the program and do whatever asked of me. I wanted confidence back, I wanted a healthy future, and I wanted a lifestyle change. I was promised all of those things. The next day, I came in to meet him and get evaluated for the weight loss program. I started out weighing 250 pounds with 33% body fat. I never thought it was that bad; it was surely quite a shock. After a few more tests and measurements, my percentile ranking for men my age was 3. That’s it. 97% of eighteen-year-olds were in better shape than I was. It was time for that to change. I signed up for a long-term commitment at the studio and was ready for a new beginning.

Four months later, I happily weigh only 198 pounds, losing a total of 52 pounds to this date. My body fat percentage dropped from 33% to 20.5%. My percentile ranking improved to 24 and the feeling is unbelievable. I climbed the Bank of America building in downtown Tampa – all 42 flights – in just over ten minutes. Never did I believe that I could accomplish all that in sixteen weeks. It’s amazing how effective Rob’s system is. If you follow the plan, eat right, and stay focused, there is no reason not to expect big results. The trainers are encouraging, firm, and have faith in your abilities. You work out with others who are going through the same process and it’s certainly beneficial to have a support system to help you through the adjustments. I am finally looking in the mirror and seeing the person that I’ve always pictured myself to be. I look forward to continuing with the plan through the coming months and maintaining a healthy lifestyle for many years to come. Thank you RobZFitness for getting me back on track and giving me a fresh start on life.

Robert Ackerman


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