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July 17, 2008 by  

“I Feel Great”

In middle of the 2007 golf season, I realized that, at the age of 58, I no longer had the strength, flexibility or endurance to execute a correct golf swing for 18 holes/five hours.  Therefore, when the season ended in late October, I enrolled in the three-times per week for three months program at RobZFitness, working with Taylor.

At the conclusion of the three months, I played in the first event of the 2008 Golf Channel Tour season.  I shot a 75 and won my flight by 3 strokes.  The last time that I shot a 75 was in 1994.  I gained back all the distance that I had lost over the previous four or five seasons and was able to execute my swing without any strain.

I have lost 18 pounds of fat and gained ten pounds of muscle and lost over 9% body fat.  I feel great and am not having the physical problems that had plagued me for the past few years.

Thanks Rob and thanks Taylor!

“Buzz” Van Dyke


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