Nevada Smith

October 13, 2019 by  

One Month Testimonial

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Nevada lost 21.5lbs of scale weight during his first month of training at RobZFitness. He also lost an amazing 6.4% body fat from 37.0% to 30.6%. Weighing 314.5 pounds on his first day he is now down to 293.0 pounds. He lost 1.75″ in his upper body, down 2.18″ in his hips, down 2.18″ in his waistline, and down 1.25″ in his thighs. Nevada’s body fat ranking for men at his age also improved from 2% to 9%. He is projected to be in better shape than 32% of men next month and should reach 51% by the end of his initial 90 day commitment. Nevada initailly committed to training with us is for one year. It’s really going to be fun to track his progress. If you’re interested in seeing results just like Nevada you need to join us at RobZFitness. Call us at (813) 571-3700 or drop us an email at to begin your quest to lose weight and get back into shape.


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