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“I Lost 25 Pounds, Dress Size Went From 14 – 8”

I’ve never been what you would call a “health nut”, but I always managed to maintain my weight. Then I had children….then I started working full time, and like allot of people, the first thing that started to slip away was attention to myself. Although I didn’t notice it right away, it took a few years before one day I woke up and looked in the mirror and realized how far I had really sunk. The feeling reeked havoc on my self confidence. For a while I ignored it and thought that naturally I would get back to feeling good again. Then I tried with limited effort to diet, with small or sometimes no results except for more discouragement. I wasn’t sleeping well, I was winded when playing with my kids and had given into self sabotage with the mental attitude of “well I’m already fat I might as well eat what I want”. By the time I finally realized that the many half hearted attempts I made were doing more damage than good I had gained 50 pounds. The light bulb went on; it was time to start paying serious attention to myself again.

The first time I learned about RobZFitness was in the Osprey Observer; I had read a testimonial and was impressed and inspired by the story. Although impressive, for me, it was not enough to light the fire. Then a month later I saw one of my neighbors in passing and noticed how toned and slim she was looking and asked her what she had been up to, she mentioned she had been working out at RobZFitness for the last 3 months. So, that night I went online and looked them up. I read the trainers profiles and saw their photos and was immediately intimidated. I felt embarrassed that I had let myself slip away so much and was shameful of thought of having to bring that fact to light in front of someone who has made their life’s work health and fitness. Then I bumped into yet another neighbor who had mentioned she was also going there and at last I thought “this must be a sign”. It’s time to ask someone to help me with my goal.

The next day I called and Rob answered the phone he was friendly and eager to meet with me. I made an appointment for the very next week for a consultation. He made me feel at home and comfortable in my own skin.  The results are showing and although I am only half way to my weight loss goal, I have gone down 25 pounds, from a size 14 to an 8! I am now in the habit of fitting an hour of fitness into my day 6 days a week and I am confident I will maintain my routine, get back to my goal and continue to enjoy being healthy, making better meal choices each day, sleeping better and feeling self confident. I started out a “Hot Mess” now I feel like a “Hot Mamma”!

Michele D’Alessio


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