Melonie Graves

September 24, 2009 by  

This is Melonie Graves.  She has been training at RobZFitness for the past month and she has been one of our greatest one-month achievers that we have ever had.  Melonie has lost almost 13 pounds of body fat and lowered her body fat percentage from 26.6% to 18.5%.  She lost a whopping 8.1% during her first month.  The average body fat loss for females is between 3-5% at RobZFitness on a monthly basis.  Her percentage ranking for her age started off at 32% and now she’s in better shape than 77% of women.  She also experienced a loss of 1.5″ on her upper body, 1.5″ inches in her waist, and she also lost 3/4″ in her thigh.

If you aren’t experiencing results like this you need to give us a call at (813) 571-3700 or drop me an email at  On-line consultations are increasing in popularity.  Call Today!!!


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