Mark Tubb

May 21, 2013 by  

“Lost 40 Pounds and 4″ Around Waist and Chest”

Looking back over the past four months, I’m truly amazed at the changes I see and feel! Most surprising is a scale that shows a weight 40 pounds lower than it did in January when Barbara and I started working with Rob, Taylor and the team at RobZFitness. What I thought was going to be an impossible task (getting in shape), has turned out to be a very positive, gratifying experience.

When it comes to health and fitness, I’ve done a terrible job over the years being disciplined in my effort to consistently eat right and get in shape. Along with that, I realized immediately after starting to work with Rob and Taylor that what little I thought I knew about health and fitness wasn’t even sound.With all that in mind, I wasn’t overly confident in the beginning that success would find me in this new endeavor. But what I discovered with Rob and Taylor was that if I could forget the past and not focus on how badly out of shape I was and instead, simply do what they told me to do, then little by little, success would come.

Rob keeps all the stats, but the most important number for me is the number on the scale. When I started at RobZFitness I weighed in at 219.50 and now I’m down to a weight of 179 pounds. My 29% body fat composition then has changed dramatically to 16.8% and Rob says I am now in better shape than 78% of men at my age which is a far cry from 9% when I started. I have lost over 4 inches around my upper body/chest area while also losing over 4 inches around my waistline. While I assumed I would lose weight, I had no idea I would reach my goal so quickly. At the same time, a somewhat unexpected benefit is how I feel. Of course, I feel stronger physically. But I’m also much stronger mentally/psychologically. My job has recently had me traveling roughly 80 percent of the time. But just a few short months with RobZFitness has given me the confidence to keep battling and stay on track – losing 13 more pounds and reaching my goal weight despite being on the road.

One other very important factor contributing to any success I’ve enjoyed over these past few months is having a partner along the way. Barbara and I started this effort together, and the impact of going through this side by side has been tremendous. We’ve been able to support and encourage each other and at the same time, hold each other accountable. Most important, it’s been really cool being able to share our early successes together.

I know it sounds like an old cliche, but the bottom line is that if I can do it, anybody can! The results of my first few months of this new lifestyle have been extremely gratifying and have given me the confidence and motivation to keep going. Even though I’m at my goal weight, the work isn’t done. I’m now ready to take it to the next level and continue getting stronger.

Mark Tubb


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