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Lisa Daniells – RobZFitness – 1 Month Testimonial (In Home Personal Training)

Lisa Daniels has been training with me for the past 12 visits in her home as her goal was to be able to learn to train on her Bow-flex machine after her 12 visits so she could train on her own.  After these 12 visits I am happy to report that Lisa has lost 16lbs of body fat and gained in lean weight.

One of her biggest challenges was to convince her to not think strictly about scale weight.  Body fat should be your primary focus along with getting stronger.  Lisa accomplished this in 12 visits.  Her body fat ranking for her age improved from 47% to 92%.  She is stronger, leaner has really improved her cardiovascular system.

If you are struggling with your workouts call me at (813) 571-3700 to set up your consultation in person or we can set you up with LIVE video on-line training or email me at  You can also follow me on Twitter at


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