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“Lost 25lbs, 11% Body Fat, 4.5” in Waist”

Like many people, my life is busy.  Between raising a family and teaching, there were few moments left in my day for me.  Exercise was one of those things that I’d get to if I could…but rarely did.  I always felt like I was running on empty.  Then there was food.  If it was sweet, then it was for me.  I had tried a variety of programs over the years, but could never find one that would stick. Each time the weight I lost would find its way back…and usually it brought along a friend or two.  While I was never pleased about this, I trudged along with the daily routine figuring I’d fix it when I had time.

Then for Christmas, my wonderful husband gave me the best present ever…time at RobZFitness.  At my initial consultation, I learned that I was in better shape than 1% of women my age.  WOW! Suddenly, putting me last did not seem like such a good plan anymore, so I signed up for a three month program and hoped for the best.

Would I describe changing my entire thought process about exercise and eating as easy?  No…but necessary to get healthy.  I was impressed with the fitness and supportive eating plan and thrilled that it is based on scientific data and backed by actual results.  The entire family has benefited from the change to more wholesome and less processed foods.

However, the thing that impressed me most about RobZFitness was the compassion, encouragement, and support I received from my personal trainer Taylor Green.  Having never worked out like this in my life, there were many things I was hesitant to try or simply was too out of shape to do.  (I couldn’t even jump rope anymore!) But as any good student would, I followed the directions and did what I was asked to do…with a smile on my face.  And boy am I glad I did!

In the three months that I trained at RobZFitness with Taylor, I lost 25 pounds of weight and 11% body fat. Having lost 4.5” around my waist, I’m also down three pant sizes and have the energy that I remember from before having children.  I am building more lean muscle every week and have improved my cardio greatly.  I am excited about the changes I’m seeing in myself and my daily routine, from the way I’m choosing food to the time I allow myself to exercise.  This has been an amazing start to the ever improving me.  RobZFitness gets an “A” in my book!

Laura Jones


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