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Personal Testimonial

– lost 61.5 pounds


1st Month – lost 20 pounds

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Jason first came to RobZFitness over a year ago inquiring about services and decided at the time to try and continue working out on his own to see if he could accomplish the results that he wanted.  After months of trying to get back into shape Jason decided that now was the time to get started with Rob because the results were not happening.  Within Jason’s first month of training at RobZFitness he now has lost 20lbs and over 3% body fat.  He has also lost 2 inches in his chest, 1.5 inches in his waist line and hip areas.  By following a change in his workout routine and a positive change in his eating habits, Jason is well on his way to seeing huge changes.
Congratulations Jason!
Keep up the great work.


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