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“I couldn’t lose the

weight on my own”

I have always been out-going and athletic, trying any sport that came my way.  I wasn’t afraid of any challenge.  But after only four years of marriage, I gained 55 lbs and became very self-conscience of my weight which affected my athletic ability.  I turned inward not wanting to participate in anything.  I used to run and knew something was drastically wrong when I couldn’t even complete one lap around the track without wheezing and gasping for air. 

I “let myself go”.  I stopped exercising and ate anything I wanted.  Anything includes ice-cream every night of the week.  Then I’d try to diet and exercise a little only to be discouraged when I didn’t get the results quickly enough for my standards.  I went back and forth between these two states of mind.  In the meantime, I lost a ton of muscle mass and gained a ton of fat weight.

I saw a testimonial from RobZFitness in the Osprey Observer and took notice because I just happened to know the guy in the testimonial.  I looked at my husband and said; “Honey, if we want to go on a cruise for our 5th anniversary, I’ve got to do something.  Because if I look like this, I won’t be going on any cruise!”  I knew I needed help and couldn’t lose the weight on my own. 

Calling Rob at RobZFitness was one of the best decisions I’ve made in my life.  I can’t believe how good and strong I feel.  I started with a body fat percentage of 37.4% and in better shape than only 3% of women my age. In three months time, I lost 25 lbs and 17.42 total inches; 10 inches just off my waist and hips alone.  Now only 25% of my body is fat and I am in better shape than 40% of women my age.  

I had the fortunate opportunity to train with all five trainers but worked mostly with Rob and Davie.  I always looked forward to when I trained next because I had fun!  Although I am saddened that my time at RobZFitness is complete, I know I can take what I’ve learned and continue with my new healthy life style.  I no longer gasp and wheeze for air and feel strong enough to continue to decrease my body fat.  I still plan on losing 20 more lbs. and now I have the confidence to do it on my own. I WILL be stronger than most women my age this time next year when I turn 40.  For me, forty will be the new 30!

Jackie H


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