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“I Lost 18 lbs, Pant Size From 12 – 6”

After making the decision to invest in ME in 2010 I started looking online at trainers in the Tampa area.  RobZFitness caught my eye because the website was full of useful information and amazing client testimonials.  Unlike some of the other trainers I had contacted I knew immediately after talking with Rob on the phone that he was genuinely interested in helping me achieve my greatest level of fitness. At my first consultation with Rob I told him I wanted to be in the best shape of my life and comfortably in a size 8 again.

I’ve always been athletic and working out has been a regular part of my life.  However, over the last few years of frequent travel, company dinners, and an active social life (which routinely resulted in late night drive thru or unhealthy snacking) I started seeing the weight pack on.  Despite my commitment to working out and trying every fad diet on the market I couldn’t get the weight off.  I was feeling less and less comfortable in my skin and decided it was time for some professional help!

The first thing I learned was that I obviously hadn’t been pushing myself hard enough on my own.  I used to lift weights that I thought were challenging but before I knew it I was lifting double the weight!  He also taught me that eating right is a huge part of the success plan and eating less is NOT the answer.  Adopting to a supportive eating plan was easier than any of those crazy restrictive diets I had tried.

After the first month I noticed my clothes fitting differently and my strength and endurance increasing by leaps and bounds.  After two months my clothes were literally falling off me and people were noticing the difference.  After the third month of training I had pretty much had all my pants and dresses altered TWICE and my muscle definition and new shape was getting a lot of attention from co workers, family, and friends. I learned it’s true what they say…cardio and aerobics are great but it will never give you the kind of body shaping results that weight training will!  He told me to trust him very early on when I told him I was afraid of “bulking up” and I sure am glad I did because he definitely didn’t let me down!

They are amazing trainers.  Their knowledge, passion, and encouragement inspired me to reach further and further.  Now I know that my potential is limitless.  After five months I’m definitely in the best shape of my life!  I’ve lost 18 lbs. of body weight and gained that amount in lean muscle.  I’ve gone from 33% body fat to 15% and feel more confident than I ever have!  The only goal I didn’t make was getting into that size 8…I’m in a size 6 instead!!

Heather McMillin


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    Heather McMillin : RobZFitness – Personal Fitness Training Studio

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