Gary Randolph

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“I Lost 27 pounds, Pant Size 38 – 33”

Gary Randolph - B&A“I had attempted to get out and exercise on my own and every time I tried I would aggravate the injuries I sustained while serving in the Army. With degenerative and herniated disc in my lower back and arthritis in my knee I had known that I should not gain weight but over a 15 year period I was approaching 190lbs at 5’6” I knew the weight I was carrying was taking its toll on my back and knees. I had begun to take cholesterol meds. I finally got sick and tired of being sick and tired and after I heard Rob from RobZFitness speak at a F.A.N.G meeting and he threw this chunk of rubber that represented body fat on the floor that was my ”That’s it “moment. I am 46 and I have 7 children and 2 grandchildren and I want to be around to see them all grow up.”

“The first thing I learned was that my eating habits were mainly what caused my weight gain, I was eating once or twice a day. My metabolism had no reason to speed up. The work out was a scary thought. After my evaluation, I was paired with Davie a fellow Christian man who I connected with the moment we met. With a supportive eating plan along with working with Davie I was on my way. I dreaded getting started but now I am energized. When I look in the mirror I like who I see now.” I first weighed in at 189lbs and now I am at 162lbs (27lb weight loss), I improved my body fat percentage from 32.5% to 20.7% (11.6% loss). When I started I was in better shape than 3% of men my age and now I’m ranked at 53%. I have also lost 3 inches in my upper body, 5 inches in my hips, 4.75 inches in my waist and over 2 inches in my thigh. I am now wearing a size 33 pants from a 38 size.


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