Ellie Rayburn

October 22, 2013 by  

“I Lost 13 Pounds, Dress Size 9 to 4 

Lost 10% Body Fat, 11 Total Inches”

“April 2013 was going to mark my 50th birthday.  For a year prior I was hoping to make this a fabulous 50 by getting in shape and being the best that I could for my age.  Like for many people, obligations and little time seems to creep in the way of finding time for ourselves, to get in shape and eat healthier. I was coming to the end of a four year long career change that lead me back to college fulltime. Along with school I continued a fulltime job for the first two years that seemed to still keep me somewhat in shape because my work entailed a lot of physical activity of walking and lifting.  Later on into the second half of my schooling I quit my job and poured myself into my school work which meant a lot of sitting at the computer doing my schoolwork and reading, and after two years it showed.  I felt like a big bowl of JELLO, with no muscle tone, and about 15 pounds overweight. Out of nowhere it seemed, I realize that I couldn’t even squat down because the pain in my knees was excruciating.  I eventually went to an orthopedic to see why my knees were so painful and what I could do to get them back into shape. You guessed it all that sitting gave me the diagnoses of Chondromalacia patellae which basically means my legs were so out of shape my kneecaps were being pulled out of alignment causing irritation and swelling.  Well, my fabulous 50 concept went out the window but it gave me a boost to know I needed to get moving and get back into shape.”

“I had always been athletic and active so being this out of shape was really difficult for me. I knew I needed to have a kick start and I knew that I needed to have someone that could push me to get me out of my old habits.  In the past I worked out on my own but didn’t see very good results as far as muscle tone.  So I knew I wanted to find someone who I was going to give me both a healthy eating plan and a structured exercise plan together.  Being from the Fishhawk area I knew of several people that had gone to RobZFitness and came out with great results.  So that was the first place I went.  As I checked other places I couldn’t get out of my head all of the testimonies of the great results, plus I knew this was a healthy lifestyle change for me, something money couldn’t put a price tag on.  The proof was in the pudding by the results accomplished.  In the first month I lost 7% body fat, lost 11.7 pounds of fat and gained 7.7 pounds of muscle losing a total of 8 inches.  By the end of the three months I lost a total of 10% body fat, lost 18.1 pounds of fat and gained 6 pounds of muscle.  There was a total weight loss of 13 pounds, going from a pants size of 9 to a size 4.”

“I have to admit the first few weeks were pretty grueling adjusting to the supportive eating plan and the muscle soreness but my trainer Sam made the workouts fun and changed up the activity so it never got boring.  Everybody was so encouraging and supportive; I could not have done it without them, thank you RobZFitness!!!  The results were great and I feel so much better about myself, not to mention I can wear all my clothes again, oh except for the ones that are too big now!!  I did reach my fabulous fifty goal after all!! THANKS AGAIN!!”

Ellie Rayburn


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