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“I’ve Always Considered Myself to Be Very Athletic”

Having competed in sports from softball, tennis and speedskating to a career in being a stuntwoman. I never had a problem motivating myself to work out and stay in shape, I always thought working out was fun and used it as an outlet to decompress after a long day. Then enter new baby, new job, new house (same husband), new stress, no time, no sleep….and hey an extra 20 lbs that liked hanging out with me. I’ve yo yo’d the 20 lbs during the last 3 years on and off (mostly on), basically by not eating and not exercising…not smart. I then saw an add for RobZFitness, a testimonial actually, that motivated me to pick up the phone and make an appointment. 

I was impressed with my initial meeting with Rob, although I’ve always been a bit skeptical of personal trainers as I’ve just never needed one, I decided to give it a shot, afterall what did I have to lose, besides my good friend, 20lbs? Enter trainer, Taylor Green, asking me my goals and he doesn’t flinch as I rattle off…lose fat, gain muscle, I want to be defined and I want to improve my endurance and I want to lift my behind back up where it used to be. I want to feel comfortable in my own skin again and feel good when I wear shorts! He said, “I can do that.”   He tells me, “You do your part, and I’ll do mine.”   “Um…ok,” I said, and with that we were off to the races. Oh, and did I mention I decided to hire a trainer right before Thanksgiving? This should be good, I thought.

Taylor coached me on my eating habits (giving up the sodas being the hardest part) and within the first month people were telling me, “You look like you’re losing weight,” my clothes started to fit loser and I felt more energetic. By the second month, people were saying, “You look like you’ve been working out.” Now that’s what I like to hear. Friends wondered how I was losing during the holidays and they were gaining. “What’s your secret?” they would ask ”Taylor Green is my secret,” but definitely a secret worth sharing. By the end of the third month my weight went from 160 to 144 and I went from a size 8 to a size 4 and lost almost 10% body fat. 

At 41 I feel great! Taylor Green possesses a special gift as a trainer and motivator and I am so thankful that he shared his gift with me. He has a way of making workouts enjoyable and not monotonous. He tracked my progress and made sure that I stayed on track to reach my goals and then some. I could tell after our first work out that Taylor has a passion for fitness and he was able to help me rediscover my own passion for fitness and my inner athlete that’s been MIA for the last few years.

Thanks to Taylor Green for giving me the gift of health and fitness.


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