Deanne Miranda

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Lost 31.5 lbs, Size 8 to “0” – 3 Months

Deanne - B&A“As a mother of 2 and business owner, I felt as if I had tried everything humanly possible to get in the best shape for my health and overall well-being with the time and resources I had available to me. I had been dedicated to cardio exercise and strength building for years, but was not seeing the results I thought I should be seeing. I decided it was time to go to the experts.”

“I looked at a couple of possibilities, and determined that if I wanted the best results, I needed to go to a proven source of expertise.  I had seen RobZFitness testimonials and heard about the results and after doing some research on what I should expect and gathering a great deal of courage, I decided to walk in their door.  I found RobZ staff to be very welcoming, encouraging and knowledgeable.  As hard as I had tried all these years, many of the exercises were incorrect in technique, not enough weight, or just simply not pushing beyond what I thought I was capable of doing.”

“The results were fast and furious I was amazed at how simple the theory of exercise and healthy eating really was, and although not one for pressing myself in the area of physical fitness, I found the benefits FAR outweigh the sweat equity.”

“Not only did I surprisingly drop 31.5 lbs of body fat and a 14.1% body fat change the first three months (a welcome plus), but lost 19 total inches (6.5” waist and 4” thigh, etc.) and was seeing visible sculpting.  I had walked in hoping to tone up, which I did, but found so much more. Rob mentioned at the beginning I was in better shape than 20% of women my age and now I am in better shape than 91% of women. I suffered from migraines since adolescence and being on RobZ plan, I did not have one migraine- which to me, was nothing short of a miracle.  The trainers helped me to understand the dynamics behind balancing food intake and how this affected the chemical balance in my system.  I had never looked forward to working out the way I have while working at RobZ.  The workouts turned out to be the biggest stress relief of my life and the education I received will follow me and motivate me for a lifetime.  My only regret is that I did not walk into RobZ sooner!  What are you waiting for?”


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