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Body Fat tested at 3.6%

“I would like to first thank Rob Zulkoski for the information that he has provided me through his passion of always striving for the best in life. I have learned so much from him that not only has he influenced my life but others that I have come in contact with as well. I have always wanted to be really fit, have a six pack, and look great (physically).”

“After reviewing my goals with Rob he has allowed me to become just that and much more. Rob is very dedicated and has a great deal of passion for helping others achieve the impossible. He has also made me believe in myself and to achieve even higher goals than when I started. I am a walking testimonial to Rob’s sound nutritional eating and weight training plan. I live by it and preach from it day in and day out.”

“The best testimonial that I have is myself. There is nothing more motivating than seeing your figure change drastically for the better. I look at the past pictures of myself and I cannot believe that is me. All Rob preaches is to always do your “PERSONAL BEST”. I always make sure that I continually strive to make myself better, whether it is in the gym or a through his sound nutritional eating plan.”

“I will get stopped in the gym or especially at the beach by others to see what I am doing. You should see the look on their faces when I tell them that everything I do is ALL NATURAL. Once I start talking about what I do as far as diet, lifestyle, and exercise, they look at me as if I was crazy and I don’t know what I am talking about “high fat, high protein/carb loading… What”.”

“Thanks again Rob for believing in me and guiding me to be my true best. I have the knowledge and that can never be taken away, hence, knowledge is power. I can go on and on, it just never ends. I would again like to say thanks for your help and guidance, I greatly appreciate it.”




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