David Shannon

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Pant Size 42 – 36

“I have struggled to maintain a healthy weight for most of my adult life, especially after I left college.  I gained weight because I was inactive and made poor diet choices.  I never enjoyed playing sports. Therefore, I lacked the motivation to stay active once I entered my profession as a software engineer. Eight to ten hours a day sitting at a computer followed up with pursuing hobbies which required little to no physical effort made weight gain inevitable.  I was also eating large quantities of fast food because it was convenient.”

“A number of years ago I briefly joined a gym, and for a short while I managed to take a good portion of the weight off. While I had addressed one half of the problem, the activity, I had done nothing to resolve the food problem. I worked out, but I refused to deal with the diet issue. I managed to go from around 200 pounds to 185 pounds, at which point I hit a plateau. No longer seeing results, I quit pushing myself and eventually made excuses and rationalizations to quit going to the gym. No longer active and with my diet as unbalanced as ever the weight rapidly returned.”

“On April 24th something changed in my head. I was 36 years old and climbing a couple of flights of stairs was leaving me gasping for air. I was deeply unhappy with the way I looked and extremely self-conscious around other people. A co-worker had begun a weight loss program three months earlier and his weight loss spurred me to take action. I knew that I needed guidance, but more importantly, I needed accountability. Another co-worker had been taking Amy’s aerobics classes and she mentioned RobZFitness, I made a phone call to check them out. What I have found at RobZFitness is the guidance and accountability that I needed to succeed. Rob, Taylor, and Sam have helped me address both exercise and proper nutrition. They also provided that initial accountability that I desperately needed until I could begin to internalize it within myself. On April 26th, weighing 221 pounds, I felt horrible attempting to complete RobZ initial fitness evaluation. Six months later I have lost 46 pounds down to a weight of 175 pounds and I climb flights of stairs with ease. My pant size havI have found the motivation to make the time to exercise every day and eat healthier foods. As a result I continue to steadily lose weight and increase my strength. I cannot begin to describe how much better I feel today than I did that early morning in April when I walked into RobZFitness for the first time.”

 David Shannon


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