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 “I have Lupus”

“Because of the disease and the medication; I have gained a lot of weight over the past few years.  I was tired of feeling sick and tired…. I saw one of Rob’s testimonials in the paper last year and decided to give him a call, for me – gym’s did not work, sometimes getting out of bed is difficult, let alone the fact of driving to the gym and being left alone with all those machines, half the time not knowing what to do or if you are doing it right.  I am doing a lot of walking but needed to increase my bone density which is declining.” 

“Rob comes over once a week for me, rain or shine, Gets me going whether I want it or not.  I like the fact that on days when I ache, or I feel exhausted, he is willing to adapt, helps me, encourages me and on the good days, boy, he really gets me going, challenges me to do the best that I can.  I feel more confident about myself, my clothes fit better than ever, have more energy but the most important thing for me is I feel stronger and that’s what gets me going every Tuesday morning when he shows up whether want it or not.”  For more information about Rob’s programs go to or call him at (813) 571-3700.

Christine Lacasse


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