Chris Haynes

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“Lost 73 lbs in 4 Months, 9″ from Waistline”

Just 4 short months ago I started on a Life altering journey. With the help of my wonderful wife Natalie (who gave me that loving push) and Rob Zulkoski from RobZFitness.  I kept making excuses why I couldn’t do things. My body ached, my joints were locking up, my blood pressure was rising and I wasn’t doing anything to correct it.
One morning Natalie left home for an appointment. Little did I know, she had run into Rob prior and discussed her concerns about my health. This meeting has changed my life. After meeting with Rob she called me (crying and afraid I would be mad) to let me know I was signed up to train at RobZFitness. No need for her to be upset, because what she did was the best thing she could have ever have done for me.
My father passed away from a massive heart attack at the age of 47. At 42, I was on the fast track to the same thing. Poor eating and exercise (or lack of) habits were killing me.
I met with Rob in January to find out just how out of shape I was. The results of my evaluation were very shocking!  I weighed in at 315 lbs and I was a walking heart attack waiting to happen. Rob Zulkoski introduced me to a new way of Life. He told me that he would set me up on the right track of proper nutrition and exercise that I needed to start at. He has done way more than that! We started everything on a Monday morning 4 months ago and the results have been amazing.  To date I am now down 73 lbs on the scale, I have lost 5” in my chest, dropped 7″ in my waist, 9″ in my hips, 4.5” in my legs.
With the help of Rob I have found that it does make a huge difference when you properly eat and exercise the right way.
I have only just begun on this journey. I am looking forward to what the next months bring! I am a much different person now both physically and mentally. I could not done this without that little push from Natalie and all the things that Rob has taught me. I look forward to exercising daily. I have not gotten up one morning and dreaded going to the gym. I look forward to my three days a week workout plan at the RobZFitness because Rob makes this time about me. All of the trainers are positive and supportive! I believe that if I can do this, anyone can do this with the proper nutrition and exercise plan.
You can either sit around and talk about it, or get up and do something about it!  I’m choosing to do something about my health!
Challenge yourself, you wont be disappointed with your RESULTS!
Thanks Rob Zulkoski! I appreciate everything you have already and continue to teach me!  Your support and knowledge have changed my life!
Thank you,
Chris Haynes


3 Month Testimonial – Lost 57lbs of Body Fat


This guy continues to impress my everyday.  If you can follow my plan you too can achieve similar results!

Click video below

2 Month Testimonial – Lost 43lbs of Body Fat


Two Months ago I ran into Chris’s wife Natalie who expressed her deep concerns for her husbands health and well being.  Chris (age 42) who buried himself into his business let himself get really out of shape over the past few years.  Without Chris’s blessing she signed him up for personal training at RobZFitness and later worried how he would react to her signing him up with RobZFitness.  You see Chris’s father passed away from a heart attack at the age of 47.  He needed to get into shape now. Click the video to hear how he reacted after hearing the news…

Click video to hear his story










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