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“I Lost 65 Pounds, Dress Size 18-8”

In December I found myself freshly out of a divorce, in a new job, and in a new town. Although every aspect of my life seemed to have changed, I still was not finding the peace of mind I was looking for. My epiphany came during the holiday shopping season. While shopping for others, I often would admire an article of clothing for myself. It dawned on me, I didn’t pass items up because I didn’t like them, I passed them up because I couldn’t fit in them. So, while I had changed everything about my exterior surroundings, I had not considered my internal well-being and health. For the last year I had really neglected my body. I was 36 years old, weighed 218 pounds and wore a women’s size 18. In retrospect I longed for my early 20’s of when I could run and not be out of breath, try any article of clothing on I wanted, and could turn the heads of men.

A couple of days prior to the New Year I called RobZFitness. Although I had contacted a few different trainers, I was impressed Rob’s credentials included a four-year college degree in exercise physiology. I mean this wasn’t just some guy who’d been slinging weights and taken a few courses to obtain a certificate! So, a few days later I was in with Rob and having my measurements taken. Rob was extremely positive the team could get me on my way to a healthier lifestyle. That’s right, not just weight loss for the short term, but a lifestyle. So, I established three visits a week with Davie, was given individual instruction on making proper eating selections and asked to partake in a little additional exercise outside the gym. Thirty-six visits later, I was down 42 pounds!

So where am I today? I’m down 65 pounds and in a size 8! I went from 40.5% body fat to 20.8%, gained 9 pounds of lean weight, while losing over 7” in chest, 12” in waist, 10” in hips, and 6” in my thighs. I admit it wasn’t easy, it took determination and work. On the days I felt like giving in, they were right there to provide friendly support and encouragement. RobZFitness really has provided me with the right tools, has taught me how to make the right eating choices and all while surrounding me with a winning attitude. I’ve found that peace of mind I was looking for. I can now go jogging with my boyfriend. I can now see an outfit in any store and try it on (especially those sexy ones). Catching the fitness back into my life has resulted in improved self-esteem, more endurance, and supplemented my mental well being. My only regret….I can’t seem to think of one.

Cathy Porthouse


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