Burning Huge Amount of Calories

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To obtain or maintain a healthy weight, you’ve got to burn calories. Sometimes, though, it seems that you just can’t burn enough in the time you have to spend exercising. Wish you could make better use of the time you have working out to burn all the calories you can? No problem. With these tips, you’ll burn more calories than ever!

Hit the Water Running

Okay, you know that water makes you weigh less, and it allows you to work out even if you have painful arthritis. But did you know that water is also one of the best ways to burn calories? Simply get in the water and jog around the shallow end. Unlike your leisurely jogs in the park, a run in the water provides extra resistance that makes it much harder to run with ease. The end result? Maximum calorie loss without all the sweating!

Go to the Beach

As with water running, taking a jog or run on the beach forces your body to work harder than if you were on a treadmill or sidewalk. The shifting ground under your feet also helps strengthen your core. So you burn more calories and build more muscle, all while enjoying the beautiful beach.

Enter the Racquetball Court

How many exercises do you know of that can burn as many as 400 calories in half an hour? Yes, an intense game of racquetball can indeed get rid of that many calories. Full of sprints, direction changing, and an occasional volley that seems to last forever, racquetball is your best bet for small-court calorie burning.

Hop on the Bike

Want to burn as many calories as racquetball without having to stand up? Then it’s time to climb on a bicycle. Whether you go for a ride in the great outdoors or go with a stationary bike, a hard ride can reap the same calorie-burning benefits as racquetball. If you really push it, you can even burn more calories than your racquetball-loving friends.

Get Started Early

Wish there was a way to burn calories all day long? There is. All you have to do is squeeze your routine in before heading off to work. Sound impossible? Do a quick evaluation of your routine. What keeps you from early exercise? If it’s too hard to wake up early, turn off the television an hour earlier and go to bed so you can wake up earlier. Don’t have someone to watch the kids in the morning? Do a light workout in your living room in the morning and get to the gym in the afternoon. Even a small workout will get your heart pumping and help you burn calories throughout your day.

Always Start Warm

No matter what you plan to do in the gym, you’ll work harder and longer after a brief warm up. So instead of starting out with dumbbells in your hands, hop on a treadmill or stationary bike to get the sweat flowing. After a brief jog or bike ride, your heart will be working well, and your muscles will be warm and full of blood, ready to take on whatever you throw its way.

Do the Little Things

Big burning doesn’t always come in big packages. During your daily routine, you can take little steps that add up to burned calories. Don’t take the closest parking place, take the stairs, walk to your coworker’s office instead of calling him or her, and play air drums or air guitar to your favorite songs. Along with the other exercise-centric steps, these will give you even more calorie-burning power on a daily basis.


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