Bruce Stafford

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Lost 104 lbs in 8 Months

December 2022 I had my annual physical with Dr Wallace at TGH. He told me I needed to lose weight and the older I get I should weight train to build muscle for long-term health. The prior 3 years through COVID, I put on 50+ pounds. Dr. Wallace suggested that I talk to Rob at RobZFitness. He mentioned Rob was a friend of his and he and Taylor would help me lose weight and gain the needed muscle through their program. 

The week before Christmas my wife and I discussed our health and we decided to reach out to Rob to see what his program would offer. We soon committed to join RobZFitness for the entire 2023 year. Turned out to be one of the best investment decisions we have made. 

My intention was never to lose 100 pounds, my goal was only to get into better shape. We started to train with Rob and Taylor on a weekly basis (3xweek). As part of the program, I also started to track my daily nutritional information. Within the first month I started to see big results on the scale. Nutrition tracking and the additional cardio work I was doing on my own and I was started to physically feel much better. 

By May 2023, I had lost 70 pounds and felt amazingly better, looked completely different and started to wonder if I could maybe lose 100 pounds.  By the end of July I was down 90 pounds. Then almost exactly 8 months to the day, I hit the milestone of losing 104 pounds. Starting weight was 286 now 182lbs, I have lost 10” off my chest, 9” around waist and 4” around my thighs. I improved my fitness level for men at my age from 4% to 94%.

Having lost all the excess weight and consulting with Rob the goal now is to gain more muscle weight while keeping my body fat down. I’m looking forward to this next chapter of training at RobZFitness and the results it will produce. 

Thank you to my wife, Rob and Taylor for all their support in helping me reach this accomplishment.

Bruce Stafford


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