Eddie Mercer

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54-year-old Eddie Mercer has dropped 10% body fat and 24 pounds during his three months training at RobZFitness. During Eddie’s three months training he increased 8 pounds of lean muscle mass and dropped from 28.8% body fat to 18.8% which now ranks him at 76% in for his age group. It was Eddie’s goal to drop to 190 pounds and we achieved that goal today and he says that following Rob’s exercise and nutrition principles is what helped him achieve his goal. Congratulations Eddie on achieving great success during your time with RobZFitness and we encourage you to continue training on your own with great success. If you are not experiencing results like Eddie give us a call at (813) 571-3700 or e-mail me at

Helen Wacaser

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This grandmother of two has been working out hard at RobZFitness during her first month of training.  During this time she has lost 11.5lbs and 5.1% body fat. She has also lost a 2 inches in her upper body, 2 inches in the hips, over 4 inches around her waist and 1 inch in her thigh.

If you aren’t experiencing results like this you need to give us a call at (813) 571-3700 or drop me an email at

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