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28 Day Turkey Burner Bootcamp

alt text 28 Day Turkey Burner Bootcamp

New Challenge starts Monday, November 30  – December 26 It’s that time of year again where we all want to look and feel our best for the holidays. Today I’m officially announcing that we are opening up enrollment for our New 28 Day Turkey Burner Bootcamp Challenge.  Our four classes will start at 6:00am, 8:30am, 9:30am  and 7:00pm (5 spots open SOLD OUT).  I must also tell you that you should sign up right away after reading this to guarantee your spot. So if you are reading this now my suggestion is to sign up ASAP (bottom of page) if you want a spot starting on Monday, November 30th. This new challenge is about my super fast fat loss program is called the 28 Day Turkey Burner Bootcamp Challenge for good reason. It’s pretty amazing really…  Read More →

Current Testimonial

alt text Paul & Michelle Ayres

  “We have realized that diets alone do not work” Like so many married couples – life got the best of us.  We were happy going about our daily activities not thinking too much about healthy eating or living.  Three kids later and in 2006 Paul was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma sent our lives upside down. Our daily activities and concerns shifted from running errands to making multiple...  Read more

Article Written by RobZFitness Trainer

alt text The Skinny on Burning Body Fat

Pop quiz: Which would you say is more effective at reducing body fat- aerobic exercise or resistance training? If you chose aerobic exercise you would be among the 99% of the population who would fail this quiz. Let’s break down the misconception. Because aerobic exercise promotes cardiovascular health,... Read Article

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